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Final Fantasy VII Petition

Help Save Final Fantasy VII!

We need your help to have Square, Square USA or SquareSoft to remake Final Fantasy VII! Many thanks to Mike, who originally created this petition. Whether you want to help save Aeris, or just get them to remake it, please fill out the form below. It is being sent via E-Mail, and your entry will be presented with the *hopefully* thousands of others when we bring Square or one of their divisions to this attention. But hurry! Your vote counts, and we may just have a limited amount of time before this option closes! So please fill out the form below, and you make a difference. However, you can see Andrew Vestal's argument here, and my defense here. Then, make up your mind and vote!

For your own mental clarity and benefit, this petition is not specifically targeting Aeris' resurrection. This was originally Mike's "Save Aeris" petition, but my views have changed. If you indeed want it remade so Aeris is, in some way, saved, please support that specific view with details; there are just too many people demanding to "Save Aeris", but never say, realistically, how or why. The better supported and detailed you are, the more likely the company is to take your argument seriously.

Full Name:
Street Address:
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So, what's your vote? Should Final Fantasy VII be remade?

                          Yes          No

What would you have changed, if yes? If no, why not remake it? Realism, please; this is a pitch to a global corporation, after all.